28 February 2015

The Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year is a very good reminder every year for me. 

One year ago, my grandpa passed away. After the festive, after we came back from a getaway, he passed on. 

Every year my mum buys food enough for a battalion. Without fail, the food overflows out onto the kitchen table. 

Cookies ranging from pineapple tarts to salted egg cookies to muruku. Other goodies such as kuih lapis to peanuts and pistachios. 

The food ranges from sweet to savory to something in between. 

Family and friends gatherings is another thing to look forward to. From the eve of the new year till the fifteenth day of the CNY, everyday is a day of gatherings and what do we do when we gather? 

Eat of course! 

8 course chinese dinner at a hotel. And afternoon lunch at another restaurant. Steamboat dinner with 20 types of ingredients at home. Dinners with colleagues - in a restaurant and at their homes. More steamboat with friends. 

The food never ends. 

An occasion to meet up with friends and catch up with how their lives have been for the past few months. 

The Chinese New Year is about family ties and friendship - a totally social time. Where we see each other face to face without going through social media and messaging apps. 

Relationships become more real - acknowledging the bond that binds us as family or friends. 

I love the fact that I'm Chinese and that we keep these cultures alive year after year after year. Passing these activities down to the next generation. 

Happy Chinese New Year everybody!! 

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