21 November 2014

Charlotte Across Malaysia

How do I start taking the step to take a journey of a lifetime? 

I've toyed with the idea of taking my car and just journey my way up the west coast of Malaysia and down the east coast. One round around peninsula malaysia. 

But I'll start thinking of where am I supposed to stay and the expenses and petrol and what should I do along the way? 

How can I go beyond Malaysia and around the world? Without the finances and on my own? 

The world is safe. I might have all the confidence in the world to do it, but there will be people who have other motives. 

So how do I start? 

The purpose, you asked? 

I wanted to try out whether the hospitality of Malaysians will extend to someone who just wanted to experience traveling alone and leaving it to God to provide. 

Well, for now it's still a dream. 

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