27 November 2014

A Message of Gratitude

Thank you is a word used to express a relief. 

Relief from a task or a feeling or a thought. 

Thank you (for taking out the trash)

Thank you (for loving me)

Thank you (for giving me a plate of shrimp heads)

We are made to feel. But we feel and remember the bad more than the good. The ease at which we say thank you is a good reminder for us to remain positive amidst the negativity surrounding us. 

We are made to be happy. But the ugly past and hurts pull is down every now and then, haunting us regularly. Being able to see and acknowledge the good and be thankful of it will eventually cower over the past. 

We are made to love. There is always a hollow in our hearts and we are constantly finding something or someone to fill that hole in our heart. The relief we experience at being able to care and being cared for increases our contentment. With such contentment overflowing freely, we say thank you easily. 

The act of giving. To offer a kind word. 

I am grateful. 

To you. 

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