28 August 2014

The Stage

Recently at the Toastmasters International Convention in Kuala Lumpur, people from all over the world came together for 4 days of awards, speech contests and inspirational talks. 

In the span of 7 minutes, a person's speech has to be power packed and humorous and motivational and emotional all at once. 

In the span of 7 minutes is all you have to make it as a winner. 

We see on stage, a charismatic and engaging speaker giving his/her all. Hand gestures, voice, emotions, punch lines - all rolled in to created a speech that would impact, leave an impression and win that contest. 

One after another, we watched how they dominated the stage and made us cry and laugh at the same time. We listened carefully for the jokes and the stories, we picked out all the mistakes. We judged without judging. 

They talked about the past. They gave us their future. They diagnosed the illness. They gave us the antidote. They provided us the solutions. 

These people were not gods. But they made themselves immortal to some, on that stage. 

Every speech comes from years of practice. Months of preparation. Weeks of corrections. Days of stress and pressure. 

Years of preparation, completed in 7 minutes. 

They are no different from you and me. But yet, there is a difference. Something there, that made them stand on the stage instead of us. 

What is it? 

I want to stand on that stage too. But I found out, not everybody wants to do so.  

Therefore, what do I need to stand there? 

Answer: The WANT to stand there. 

And I want to stand on that stage one day. 

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